You see, my 20-year-old daughter and I have this incredible relationship . I think it probably has something to do with the fact that for the last two years she has been 1000 miles away. Distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder.

But now this same daughter has moved back to Oklahoma City and is planning on joining my last remaining son and I. How can I say this? We lasted two days in the same house. She is a darling, lovable (?) beautiful child but my house is not big enough for two darling lovable, beautiful children, and since it is MY house, guess who goes first?

We decided to find her an apartment in Norman where she will be going to school. Her funds were somewhat limited but that didn’t stop her from dreaming big. I wonder who she got that from? First, we look at houses to rent…too expensive. Then we lower our sights to duplexes. Of course the one she wanted with washer/dryer, great neighborhood, pool and hot tub was way out of her price range. The others were either already rented or in a part of town where your roommate would have had to be a bouncer.

After exhausting all efforts at duplexes and houses I finally convinced her that we should look at apartment houses. Now mind you, this was our third trip to Norman. She still hadn’t enrolled but what’s a minor thing like that when you have to find a great place to live. For some reason I had the feeling that her first priority was moving to Norman, and “oh yes, by the way, if I want something to do I can always take some classes”.

She didn’t want an apartment in the “heart of things”. I really didn’t blame her. After living in the Colorado mountains for two years the old Duck Pond just wasn’t the same, not to mention fraternity row.

We finally found one that was on the outskirts of Norman. It was quiet, on a lake and golf course and had mostly graduate students. There were three efficiencies available and she picked the one overlooking the lake. The lady showing us the apartments emphasized how quiet this apartment was. She told us, “our manager said half the law school is living here”. This sounded exactly like what my daughter wanted. And I had visions of her really being able to study in this serene atmosphere. We paid the deposit, drove by “her” apartment one more time and headed back to Oklahoma City.

‘You know Mom, I really like that apartment. “Yes, honey, I think it will be great for you. I also think it will be neat to meet some law students.”

I just hope she takes at least one class.